A biologically healthy, ecologically dedicated, organically passive, regional material eco home that's:

Addressing the housing shortage through design: three quiet, private, multigenerational

micropods that read as one larger residence with co-operative spaces for social health.

Supporting a Zero Debt, sustainable lifestyle through 

simple, minimalist, architectural design of smaller spaces;

thoughtful engineering to economize the usage of premium quality, natural materials.

Built respectfully to, above, and better-than 2018 B.C. Building Code

officiated by multiple, highly-respected

accredited engineers, advanced building scientists and building biologists.

Created for good health of occupants and neighbours,  

utilizing neuroscientific and immunologic design principles,  

very low toxicity materials and site-sensitivity.


Again, with this second build we have been overwhelmed by positive support.

We  are so happy to be part of a larger global movement, instead of being lonely outliers! 


As you can imagine, even beneficial & beautiful innovation

comes a few detractors whom are not necessarily working with the latest facts,

but so it goes with any kind of Change

We appreciate you all the more for your friendly curiosity and

genuine engagment with us in kind, intelligent, reasoning conversations. 


As the build winds down we will create virtual opportunities  to 

connect with you and share our experience.

Thank you, friends!

summer veranda elegantorganichome.com
salt water lap pool & Finnish sauna
2017-02-17 16.37.48
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.43.35 AM
2018-01-30 16.56.10
architectural adobe strawbale home
bee garden elegantorganichome.com
outdoor dine elegantorganichome.com
2017-02-17 16.36.53
2017-04-23 18.07.48
livingspace elegantorganichome.com
2018-01-04 06.40.02
2017-02-17 16.39.36
laundrybathmain elegantorganichome.com
2018-01-23 17.10.38
2018-01-24 16.12.12
Library ElegantOrganicHome.com
2018-01-23 17.25.24
2018-01-23 17.18.43
master elegantorganichome.com
2017-03-30 13.19.00
Ensuite View elegantorganichome.com
Elegant Organic ecoHome Daybed
Artist's Attic with stellar views
View from second floor elegantorganichome.com
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.47.49 AM
Central Okanagan Real Estate, B.C.
peachland waterfront
Lake Okanagan, night paddling
riding through sagebrush, Okanagan
Tai Chi along Peachland's waterfront
Okanagan Wine Country Real Estate
mountain biking Okanagan

Strawbale Project **sold in 2018**

Elegant, open-concept design.  Warm industrial-rustic architectual chic.


Intentionally "micro": approximately 2100 sq.ft (approx 200 sq. m

Post & Beam, larch and reclaimed industrial fir.  


Custom-bound Organic straw. 


Home fire-safety value GREATER than conventional homes.  Wildfire provings (California), click here.


Mineral-tinted wall finish.

Polished concrete radiant in-floor heating.. Thick wood plank floors.

Wood-fired pizza oven inside the kitchen.  Kiva fireplace (outdoor dining).


Small Wine or Root Cellar designated space (concrete floor).

Innotech windows with excellent R-value.  Tilt-turn french doors.

Eco-friendly wood stove heating.

Fenced, private salt-water lap pool with traditional wood-fired Sauna.


Lavender flower field, nut trees, grapes.


No lawns. No water waste. Drought-tolerant landscape (xeriscape).  

Nearby wood resources for woodstove as a necessary forest maintenance activity.


Photo Credits: the professional photos are by Thomas Born, and the amateur ones are by us.

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low  carbon, VOC,  www.holisticologyBC.com

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