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Healthy Dwelling

The most conscious material impact you may ever make on the environment and on your family's health is through your own home.

After completion, green label homes reduce energy leaks to ease impact on the environment.  However, their impact might not account for the emissions from the manufacture of some of these petroleum-based "green" materials before they arrive on your building site.  


Smart Homes may monitor and manage indoor climate, but they also may contribute to an inherently toxic home by adding additional electromagnetic radiation.

Healthy, biologic homes have significantly less off-gases and electro-magnetic radiation. 


True ecohomes are handmade from local materials, plant-fibres, sand and trees; not from "eco-ish", manufactured, imported,  plastic-based components. 


True eco houses, timelessly designed, can outlast conventional houses and can have minimal ecological impacts from pre-build inception, onwards.


Why invest time maintaining a radiated, plastic mansion?  Instead, "Live Large" out of a healthier, restorative home!  

" Home is more than
just a monetized investment,
it should be a non-toxic,
literally healing place
in which we happen to dwell."



Co-Makers of Clean Architecture

We're advocates for Building Biology (Baubiologie) - truly healthy homes!  We were moved into action after seeing the wastes from "McHome" building and from constant renovations characteristic of dated, plastic homes. 


Health concerns made mold-factories a necessary thing to avoid.  So we choose to address  eco impacts, electromagnetic radiation, volatile compounds, radon, air/sound/light quality, and much more.  Conventional "Green" or "LEEDS" homes do not necessarily automatically achieve this.

We're also influenced by old world European style master builders and traditional natural-stone masons.  Our motto is choosing Well versus opting for Much.


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